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Important AREDS Information

Q: What is AREDS?

A: It stands for "Age-Related Eye Disease Study" completed in 2001 by the National Eye Institute. One of the goals of the study was to see if certain vitamins and minerals could help prevent or slow AMD (age-related macular degeneration).


Q: What did the study find?

A: A certain combination of antioxidants and minerals reduced the risk of advanced AMD by 25%. This formulation is now known as the AREDS Formulation.

AREDS bottlesViteyes AREDS Formula


Q: What do doctors recommend based on the study?

A: Since only one formulation has been proven to lower the risk of AMD, you should select an eye vitamin that contains this formulation which includes:

check Vitamin A (Beta-Carotene) - 25,000 IU
check Vitamin C 500 mg
check Vitamin E 400 IU
check Zinc 80 mg
check Copper 2 mg

This formulation is available in the Viteyes AREDS formulas in only two capsules daily.

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How Viteyes Assures You the Highest Quality Eye Vitamins

Proven Ingredients

Competitive Prices

Highest Quality Formulas

Proven Ingredients

On the coattails of the AREDS study, Vitamin Health was one of the first companies to market this combination of vitamins in two daily capsules.

Since then Vitamin Health has continued to be at the forefront of eye health research for the Viteyes line. This includes adding ingredients such as lutein, which is now part of the ongoing AREDS II study.

Viteyes offers a variety of AREDS formulas, including those without beta-carotene for smokers and former smokers. Omega-3, lutein and zeaxanthin and other products are also offered in addition to the AREDS formulas.

Lowest Prices

Vitamin Health prides itself on consistently finding ways to drive costs out of packaging and shipping processes.

For Example: All AREDS formulas are in 90-day supplies. The 90 day supply cuts packaging and shipping costs by 50%. And our customers benefit through lower prices.

shipping freeVitamin Health ships direct to your home so there is no additional mark up. For more savings, there are multiple-bottle discounts and the convenient autodelivery program which saves you an additional 10%.

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Highest Quality Formulas

GMP VITEYES: All formulations are manufactured in the USA and follow Good Manufacturing Process guidelines. So, you can be sure you're getting the highest quality AREDS formulation for you or your loved one.


Which Eye Vitamins Formulation is Right for You?

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