How Pregnancy Affects Your Vision and Eye Health

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The hormonal changes that happen during pregnancy can cause unexpected changes, including to your vision! Many women experience vision change with pregnancy, and in today’s blog post, we’re covering a few of the vision changes you may experience during pregnancy. Vitamins for the eyes and other vision supplements can help support your eye health during this time. If you’re looking for vision supplements, shop Viteyes eye vitamins today!

Dry Eyes

Dry eyes are a common vision change with pregnancy and can cause discomfort, particularly to women who wear contact lenses. Dry eyes are usually temporary, and eye drops can provide relief.

Blurred Vision

Hormonal changes can cause your vision to get blurry, and if you’re experiencing this symptom contact a doctor. Blurry vision may be caused by reduced tear production, eye pressure, or poorer peripheral vision.

If you experience blurred vision during pregnancy, you can utilize pregnancy-safe eye drops or work on giving your eyes a rest. If you work at a computer, try using a pair of blue-light blocking glasses. Or read with plenty of light. Take breaks, and be sure not to drive if you feel that your blurred vision will impair your driving ability.

Puffy Eyelids

Just like other areas of your body like your feet, your eyelids may swell and puff up during pregnancy. Drink lots of water and try to consume less salt and caffeine to reduce your body’s water retention.

Conditions That May Require Medical Attention

While some vision changes with pregnancy may just be a temporary inconvenience, others may be a sign of a more serious medical problem. Here are two potentially serious issues that may cause vision problems.


Women who are diabetic prior to pregnancy and those who develop pregnancy diabetes need to watch out for vision issues, as they can be a sign of elevated blood sugar levels. It is critical to monitor your blood sugar levels, as the chance of vision loss due to diabetes during pregnancy is heightened.


Serious vision changes can be a sign of preeclampsia, a potentially serious medical condition. If you experience temporary vision loss, light sensitivity, blurry vision, or high blood pressure, contact your doctor.

Viteyes Eye Vitamins For Pregnancy

Adding eye vitamins to your health routine may help support pregnancy eye health. If you’d like to order our vision supplements, shop today! We offer a wide range of eye vitamin products, which are proven to be safe and effective, without the risk of unnecessary additives.