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Prescribers Information

Healthcare Professionals

Viteyes® supplements are formulated to protect your patients’ vision.

Why recommend Viteyes® AREDS 2 formulas for your AMD patients?

Viteyes® AREDS 2 formulas are based on the National Eye Institute's AREDS 2 study to lower the risk of progression to advanced stages of age-related macular degeneration in its Viteyes® Classic AREDS 2 Formulas, AREDS 2 Advanced, AREDS 2 Plus Omega-3, and AREDS 2 Powder formulas.


Viteyes® also offers other general eye health supplements.

Viteyes® AREDS2 supplements are based on the clinically effective formula tested by the National Eye Institute ("NEI") in its 2013 AREDS2 study. Viteyes® Classic AREDS 2 Capsules and AREDS 2 Advanced are formulated in only 2 capsules daily. Viteyes®  AREDS 2 Softgels are formulated in 2 softgels daily. Viteyes® AREDS 2 Plus Omega-3 is formulated in 3 softgels daily. Viteyes® AREDS 2 Powder is only one scoop daily (just mix in water).

Viteyes® capsules and softgels are easy-to-swallow and Viteyes® AREDS 2 formulas are highly soluble, so the nutrients are well absorbed in the body.

Patients enjoy convenient home delivery plus substantial savings.

Viteyes® is less expensive than other leading brands.

A growing body of evidence, including AREDS 2, demonstrates the beneficial effects of lutein and zeaxanthin on eye health. These nutrients can be found in Viteyes® AREDS 2 formulas, as well as general eye health formulas such as Viteyes® Essentials (lutein and zeaxanthin).

Prescribing Information
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FREE Patient Samples & Literature
Vitamin Health offers free patient samples and literature for physician's offices. We also offer our unique autodelivery program for regular deliveries of patients samples and literature to your office. If you are interested, visit www.viteyes.com/samples or call us at 1-800-890-EYES (3937).