Viteyes Blue Light Glasses (Ages 9 - Adult) - White

Your first line of defense from blue light exposure.

In a digital world, it is nearly impossible to avoid screens! Whether you’re e-learning, checking your smartphone, tele-working, or indulging in video games or television for entertainment, your eyes are exposed to harmful blue light that can disrupt your sleep-wake cycle and cause eye strain or fatigue and headaches. Blue light exposure has been linked to vision disorders later in life, having a significant impact on your wellbeing. Take the first step in protecting your eyes with blue light filtering lenses in Viteyes Blue Light Glasses.

Available in plain white or a fun blue, these blue light blocking glasses help reduce screen glare and filter out harmful blue light before it reaches your eyes. Viteyes computer eyewear fit most ages 8 through adulthood, try a pair today!


A pair made for protection!

Get added eye health support when you couple Viteyes Blue Light Glasses with once-daily Viteyes Blue Light Defender Supplement. This dietary supplement is packed with vitamins that support optimal eye health and blue light protection. Featuring lutein, zeaxanthin, and bilberry, these natural ingredients offer lifetime benefits. Available in berry-flavored gummies or capsules!