Viteyes Blue Light Kids Glasses (Ages 3-8) - Blue

Shield your child’s developing eyes.

As screen time rises with young children, so does their exposure to harmful blue light. With the increased reliance on screens for e-learning and in their future workforce, screen time is increasingly hard to control. We have yet to see the long-term effects of this digital generation of kids. Parents need to start protecting these precious young eyes now. For education and entertainment, lessen the negative effects of blue light with the help of Viteyes Blue Light Kids Glasses!

Viteyes Blue Light Kids Glasses help shield your child’s eyes from high-energy blue light that is emitted from digital screens and natural sunlight. These blue light filtering lenses are a great first line of defense to protect your children from the negative impacts of blue light and are fun to wear. Your kids are sure to love the fun blue color that will help reduce squinting and eye fatigue, allowing them to comfortably engage for longer.


Your child may not be wearing their blue light glasses 24/7!

If your children are active and need constant reminders, chances are, they won’t keep their glasses on as often as you’d like. Add Viteyes Blue Light Defender Kids Chews to their daily routine to add an additional source of blue light filtering protection. This dietary supplement naturally defends your child’s eyes from excess digital device use and helps relieve tired and strained eyes. Available in chocolate berry-flavored gummies and tailored specifically for kids, you can set your children up for a healthy adulthood!