Viteyes Blue Light Kids Glasses (Ages 3-8) - White

Promote healthy development for your child’s eyes.

In a digital era, we are seeing an increased reliance on screens for both education and entertainment. From e-learning to video games and time spent online and on smartphones, exposure to harmful blue light is inevitable. We have yet to see the long-term effects of this digital generation on our children, so parents need to start protecting young eyes now. Discover the benefits of Viteyes Blue Light Kids Glasses! Viteyes Blue Light Kids Glasses help shield children’s eyes from high-energy blue light that is emitted from digital screens as well as natural sunlight. These blue light filtering lenses are a great first line of defense to protect your children from blue light. Simple, convenient, and fun to wear, your kids can use their tablets or computers a little safer. The effective blue light blocking glasses help reduce squinting and eye fatigue, allowing them to comfortably look at their screens. $19.99

Offer eye protection all day long.

Whether your children remember to wear their glasses every time or not, you can offer added vision protection in a delicious chocolate berry soft chew. Add Viteyes Blue Light Defender Kids Chews to their daily routine to arm them with lutein, zeaxanthin, and astaxanthin. This dietary supplement naturally defends your child’s eyes from excess digital device use and helps relieve tired and strained eyes. Protect developing eyes by pairing Viteyes Blue Light Kids Glasses with Viteyes Blue Light Defender Kids today.