NEW! Viteyes Blue Light Defender Gummies


Experience a vision supplement that supports our life in a digital world!

With digital devices and energy-efficient LED lighting, our eyes are exposed to more harmful blue light than ever before.

– Protects your eyes from harmful blue light
– Combines lutein and zeaxanthin for a premier formula!
– Delicious, berry flavor
– Free from common allergens

Viteyes Blue Light Defender is formulated with Lutein (20 mg) and Zeaxanthin (4 mg) to protect your eyes from blue light, which may be emitted from electronic devices (computers, tablets, smartphones) as well as from sun exposure. Lutein and Zeaxanthin are the only natural defenses our eyes have against the harmful effects of blue light. This premium formula also includes bilberry for added eye health benefits. Viteyes Blue Light Defender is natural, berry-flavored gummies enhanced with blue edible glitter, plus it’s free of common allergens, Kosher Certified, pectin-based, and Vegan.

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