In the news…

Just a glimpse of news coverage of Viteyes Eye Health Supplements. Thank you for focusing on the importance of eye health with Viteyes!

  • PHL17 Morning News - Philadelphia
    PHL17 Morning News in Philadelphia’s Self Care segment spotlighted Viteyes Blue Light Defender Supplements. Click here to watch.
  • National Examiner
    The National Examiner “In Your Health” section focused on headaches and eyes strain, highlighting Viteyes Blue Light Defender.  Click here to read more.
  • Raleigh CBS 17
    Raleigh cbs 17 WNCN “My Carolina” discussed stocking up on essentials for your pantry, including Viteyes Blue Light Defender to help protect your eyes.  Click here to watch.
  • 24/7 Moms
    24/7 Mom’s held a Mom’s Night in focusing on products that can help our families and spoke about how Viteyes Blue Light Defender can relieve strained eyes.
  • Fox 13 Salt Lake
    Fox 13 Salt Lake City featured Viteyes® AREDS 2, Tear Support and Blue Light Defender supplements as a Father’s Day gift to help take care of Dad’s eyes. Watch Now.
  • ABC Your Carolina
    ABC 7 WPSA’s Your Carolina, Father’s Day Segment focused on Viteyes Blue Light Defender supplements as a great gift idea for Father’s Day to help protect Dad’s vision!
  • CBS Austin
    CBS Austin highlights Viteyes Eye Health Supplements for occasional dry eye from wearing face masks, relieving eye strain and maintaining our macular health. Watch now.
  • ABC 7 WSPA
    Viteyes Blue Light Defender Supplements highlighted as a Back to School Essential on ABC WSPA. Watch now.
  • National Examiner
    National Examiner focused on Viteyes Tear Support for occasional dry eye
  • CBS Las Vegas
    CBS Las Vegas included Viteyes in their back to school essentials segment. Watch now.
  • NBC Raleigh
    NBC Raleigh’s back to school segment recommended Viteyes eye supplements. Watch now.
  • NBC Raleigh
    Viteyes Blue Light Defender Recommended as Spring Break Essentials. Watch now.
  • CBS Las Vegas
    Viteyes Tear Support and Blue Light were must haves for Summer 2021 on CBS Austin. Watch now.
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