How the Changing Seasons May Affect Your Eyes

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How the Changing Seasons May Affect Your Eyes

Are you noticing that your eyes water more in certain seasons than others? Have you ever wondered why that happens? Different seasons can have different affects on our eyes, usually manifesting in this irritating watery condition. Fortunately, there is something you can do about these overactive tears brought on by seasonal changes! Here are just a few ways in which the changing seasons can affect your eye health.

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Winter tends to bring with it many dry spells where our eyes typically dry out, making it difficult to function normally. Not only are our skin or joints affected by dry winter weather, but our sinuses can also begin wreaking havoc on our eyes! To combat dryness, drink plenty of water and take necessary eye vitamins. A humidifier can be a help as well, providing extra moisture to your environment. Our eyes function their best with the right amount of moisture in the environment, and a lack of it could increase the chances of itchy, irritated eyes. In extreme scenarios, try to stay indoors to minimize the chances of redness, irritation, and inflammation.

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Heat and direct sunlight increase the chances of getting cataracts, eye cancer, and corneal burns. Because the warmer temperatures in the summer cause us to sweat more, styes can become more common. A stye is produced when a clogged tear duct becomes infected. Long-term exposure to intense summer sun can also cause burns around the eyes. Red-eye is typical in this season as well, with excessive tear production.

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Spring & Autumn

These two seasons are when all the big-time allergies from near and far rear their ugly heads and give you never-ending sneezing fits. This usually occurs because of the excessive pollen that is in the air in the spring or the leaves falling in autumn. These natural events can trigger excessive eye-watering, redness, and an uncomfortable, stinging feeling. In some extreme cases, this irritation causes the eye to develop an infection. Additionally, dry and windy conditions cause your eyes to dry out even faster than normal.

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Weather conditions that accompany each season undoubtedly have an impact on our eye health and comfort. Be prepared for everything that the seasons throw your way by investing in your eye health with good nutrition, water intake, and Viteyes macular health supplements!

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