How to Protect Against Occasional Dry Eye 

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Getting occasional dry eye is becoming more common even when our eyes are otherwise healthy, due to the ever-increasing prominence of screens in our daily lives, regular use of contact lenses, allergy season and/or spending time in heated/air-conditioned environments. 

Any of these can lead to experiencing bouts of dry eye, which can be itchy, sore, and make our vision blurry. 

What is dry eye? 

Dry eye happens when your tears don’t adequately lubricate and hydrate your eyes. This can happen when not enough tears form, the quality of the tears is poor, or the tears dry up too quickly – such as when you don’t blink enough while staring at a screen, or while wearing contacts. 

As a result, your eyes can become dry, appear red, may be itchy and sore and can even affect your vision. 

How can you defend against occasional dry eye? 

While wearing contacts less and decreasing the time you spend staring at screens are ideal steps to reducing how often you get the occasional dry eye, sometimes doing these things regularly is hard to achieve. 

Especially on a long-term basis – when most jobs involve screens – it can be difficult to avoid. Not to mention, screens play a huge role in our leisure time. 

With this in mind, it can be more sustainable and realistic to change your diet to include more omega-3s (such as salmon) or take supplements to hydrate your eyes from the inside out.  

How Viteyes® Tear Support protects against occasional dry eye. 

One of the most effective ways to protect the health of your eyes is to stimulate tear production and improve the quality of your tears. This is because tears are the body’s natural protector of eye health – and an effective way to support their defense is through nutrition and supplementation. 

Viteyes® Tear Support softgels contain lots of omega-3, which is vital to maintaining a healthy tear film over the eye. What’s more, a major ingredient in the Viteyes Tear Support formula is borage seed oil, which helps to stimulate tear production.  

Together, these two nourishing ingredients work together to boost the volume of tears and the quality of the tears you produce. 

More than this, Viteyes Tear Support softgels contain 100% of your daily vitamin E intake, which is an essential antioxidant helping to protect your eyes from oxidative damage. Not only does this help to protect your tear film, but it helps to safeguard the overall health of your eyes and protect your vision.  

Likewise, the softgels contain 200% of your recommended Vitamin B6, which helps to protect the health of your eye cells – including in your tear ducts. 

So, to defend against the occasional dry eye, make sure to try the Viteyes Tear Support softgels to boost tear production and enhance the quality of your tears, allowing them to effectively nourish and hydrate your eyes. Your eyes will thank you for it.