Occasional Dry Eyes Are More Than Just Irritating — How It Affects Your Vision and Eye Health

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Everyone acknowledges how irritating the symptoms of dry eyes are, but this can also cause even more serious ailments. At Viteyes, we are invested in the long-term health of your vision, so our team has broken down the consequences of dry eyes.

Importance of Tears

Tears don’t just show up when we cry. They are actually flowing across our corneas every time we blink. This lubricates our eyes, creating a nourishing film that helps focus light, promote healing, and protect from irritants.

Blurry Vision 

Without tears actively refreshing your corneas, dry eyes can fail to focus. Because there is no tear film enabling proper vision by focusing light, you end up with blurred vision. This is a more serious symptom that develops when the onset symptoms of dry eye such as burning, itchiness, and sensitivity to light aren’t treated.


The next step beyond blurry vision is infection. Dry eyes are at a higher risk of being damaged because they don’t have any film shielding dirt and other irritants. When they ultimately become injured, they don’t have the proper treatment afterwards either. As mentioned earlier, tears promote healing for your eyes by delivering oxygen and nutrients. When this is taken away, damaged eyes can become infected and develop blood vessels that further disturb your vision.

Torn Cornea

The downward spiral of dry eyes ends with a torn cornea. If your infected dry eyes remain untreated, your cornea can thin down and become scarred. In some instances, the cornea becomes so thin from not receiving nutrients from tears that it tears. The impact of this is irreversible vision loss.

With all this in mind, don’t overlook your eyes when they become dry. There is a reason they become itchy and burning when this happens – they are calling for attention. Make sure to visit your eye doctor to be examined.  At Viteyes, we have a vision for eye health, and that vision includes you seeing a happy future. Contact us today for more information on how to keep your life in sight!