7 Things That May Harm Your Eyes

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Why your eyes may be negatively affected

A number of things can interact with our health on a daily basis, but what about the health of our eyes? Are there certain things that can interact with our eyes?

We know that too much UV light, screen time, smoking and unhealthy habits can affect our vision, but what about otherwise normal regimens, like your daily prescription or the use of some over the counter medicines? Turns out, there are. Some drugs or medicines can have a negative affect on our eye health as well.

The below 7 drugs and OTCs have been shown to show some negative effects to eye health.

1. Antibiotics: Some antibiotics can increase light sensitivity, contribute to dry eye syndrome and risk of glaucoma.  The antibiotic linezolid can contribute to optic nerve damage.
2. Antidepressants: Some antidepressants may alter both neurological function and affect vision and cause changes in the cornea, optic nerve, lens, macula and retina.
3. Antihistamines:  It is said that some antihistamines can be strong enough to make your eyes potentially more susceptible to cataracts and macular degeneration.
4. Asprin: Aspirin, may exaggerate bleeding of the eye, and usually surgeons recommend discontinuing aspirin for at least a week before eye surgery.
5. Birth control pills: Oral contraceptives can lead to many eye problems by increasing pressure of the fluid around the brain causing headache, vision changes, and swollen optic nerve.
6. Blood pressure medications: Prolonged use of some types of blood pressure medications can cause irreversible damage to the retina.
7. Anti-Diuretics: Anti-diuretics are overprescribed and overused and can also unbalance the chemistry of the eyes as well as the fluid balance of the eyes.

If you have any concerns about your prescriptions or over the counter medicines affecting the health of your eyes, talk with your eye doctor and general practitioner. There may be a better alternative to help keep both you and your eyes health.

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