Healthy Aging Month: Tips for Maintaining Eye Health 

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As we age, taking care of our overall health becomes increasingly important. September is recognized as Healthy Aging Month, a time to focus on maintaining our well-being as we grow older. One crucial aspect of healthy aging is ensuring the continued health of our eyes. In this blog, we will explore various tips for maintaining good eye health and shine a spotlight on the supplement AREDS2 from Viteyes. 

Understanding the Aging Process and Eye Health: 

As we age, changes occur in our eyes that can affect our vision. It’s important to be aware of common eye conditions and diseases that can develop, such as cataracts, age-related macular degeneration (AMD), glaucoma, and diabetic retinopathy. Regular eye exams are essential for early detection and treatment of these conditions. 

Proper Nutrition for Healthy Eyes: 

A balanced diet plays a vital role in maintaining good eye health. Certain nutrients, such as vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc, lutein, zeaxanthin, and omega-3 fatty acids, are particularly beneficial for eye health. Viteyes offers a range of premium eye supplements, including their AREDS2 based formulas, which contain these essential nutrients to support and maintain eye health. Viteyes AREDS 2 + Omega-3 is designed to support the health of the macula and maintain overall body function. This formulation sets itself apart by including omega-3 fatty acids, which have been found to be beneficial for the macula. The omega-3 in Viteyes AREDS 2 + Omega-3 is obtained from triple strength EPA and DHA sources found in wild-caught fish. With 650 mg of EPA and 350 mg of DHA per serving, this supplement provides a potent dose of these essential fatty acids.  

Exercise and Eye Health: 

Physical exercise not only benefits our overall well-being but also promotes healthy eyes. Regular exercise improves blood circulation, which can help reduce the risk of eye diseases. Additionally, exercise aids in maintaining a healthy weight, which can help prevent conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure, both of which can negatively impact eye health. 

Protecting Your Eyes from UV Rays: 

Prolonged exposure to UV rays can damage the eyes and increase the risk of various eye conditions, including cataracts and AMD. Wearing sunglasses that offer UV protection, along with a wide-brimmed hat, can shield your eyes from harmful UV rays. Remember to choose sunglasses labeled as offering 100% UV protection. 

Quit Smoking: 

Smoking has numerous detrimental effects on health, including eye health. Smoking is linked to an increased risk of developing AMD, cataracts, and dry eyes. By quitting smoking, you can lower the risk of these eye conditions and improve overall health. 

Take Regular Breaks from Screens: 

In today’s digital age, we spend a significant amount of time looking at screens, be it our smartphones, computers, or televisions. Prolonged screen time can lead to eye strain, dryness, and blurred vision. The 20-20-20 rule is recommended: every 20 minutes, take a 20-second break and focus your eyes on something at least 20 feet away. 

Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle: 

Leading a healthy lifestyle has a positive impact on all aspects of our well-being, including eye health. Getting enough sleep, managing stress, and avoiding excessive alcohol consumption are all factors that contribute to maintaining good overall health, which includes the health of our eyes. 


During Healthy Aging Month, let’s make a commitment to take care of our eyes and promote good eye health practices. Remember to have regular eye exams, follow a nutritious diet, exercise regularly, protect your eyes from UV rays, quit smoking, take breaks from screens, and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Additionally, consider incorporating supplements like AREDS2 from Viteyes into your daily routine for optimal eye health. By practicing these tips, we can ensure our eyes serve us well as we age gracefully.