Occasional Dry Eye: Causes And What To Do To Alleviate Symptoms

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Close-up of a woman's eyes.

Many people experience the condition called dry eye from time to time, particularly in drier climates and in response to environmental triggers during certain times of the year.

However, even if you live somewhere with higher humidity levels and few airborne irritants, you can still experience dry eye. 

In today’s blog we discuss this condition, including its causes and what you can do to alleviate symptoms and get the relief that you want!

What Causes Dry Eye?

If your eyes don’t create enough tears to effectively lubricate them, you will likely develop dry eye. This condition can come and go; some people experience it only certain times of the year, such as when seasons change. Others may have recurring symptoms that appear during times of stress, for example, or following an illness when immunity levels have declined. It’s a condition that varies significantly from one person to the next. 

What Are The Main Symptoms?

Whether you experience dry eye on occasion as a result of certain activities, such as riding your bicycle on a breezy day or going for a lengthy swim in a chlorinated pool, or you are prone to having this condition frequently due to health reasons or environmental factors, the symptoms can be very irritating!

These are some of the symptoms that can accompany dry eye:

  • Scratchy eyes, as if something is in them but no foreign objects are seen
  • A burning sensation in or around the eyes
  • Blurred vision
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Red eyes
  • Counterintuitively, dry eye may cause excess tears or watery eyes

Here’s What You Can Do For Relief

Dry eye symptoms are annoying, to say the least, and painful. They can get in the way of your everyday activities, from driving to working on your computer, and from preparing a meal to reading text messages. Relief reduces and eliminates dry eye symptoms while letting you carry on with your day-to-day life.

Try the following to get the relief that you need:

  • Eye Nutrition: It’s likely that your eyes become irritated easily by external triggers because your eyes are not receiving the nutrition that they need. Vision supplements can serve as food that’s good for your eyes, and healthier eyes will experience fewer cases of occasional dry eye.
  • Humidifier: Is your indoor air too dry? Add a humidifier to your heating and cooling system to keep the air comfortably moist and your eyes more hydrated.
  • Eye Protection: Wearing goggles while swimming and sunglasses while jogging or cycling outdoors can protect eyes and reduce dry eye flare-ups.
  • Keep Hydrated: When your body is sufficiently hydrated, your eyes will be, too, reducing your risk of experiencing dry eye.

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