Viteyes Tear Support Ingredient Review

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At Viteyes, we take eye health and vision support seriously and work diligently to only carry products that include the best ingredients and nothing else. In today’s post, we’ll highlight our Viteyes Tear Support daily softgel. This specially formulated capsule helps to relieve occasional dry eye and promote healthy eye hydration, without putting anything into your eyes — natural eye hydration from the inside! Why do doctors recommend this eye vitamin for irritated and fatigued eyes? Let’s take a look at the ingredients.


Omega-3 fatty acids have been proven to be beneficial for a wide variety of health reasons include heart and brain health, in addition to supporting eye health and vision. Studies have shown that over time, a toxic molecule A2E accumulates in the retinal pigment and leads to vision loss. Omega-3 inhibits the buildup of A2E and slows the degeneration of the retina. It should come as no surprise that Omega-3 is found in most Viteyes eye supplements, but it is featured in the Tear Support for its ability to maintain healthy tear film in the eye. 


The fatty acids in flaxseed oil have been suggested to help improve occasional dry eye by reducing inflammation, improving eye gland tear production, and regulating hormones that may cause dry eye symptoms.

Borage Seed Oil

Borage oil is extracted for the Borago officinalis plant and is highly coveted for the fatty acids that help reduce inflammation. Commonly used as a lubricating barrier on skin and to promote hydration in hair and nails, it also helps promote eye hydration and stimulates tear production.


Turmeric has been shown to hold various health benefits including protecting optic nerves to promote eye health, reducing the loss of retinal cells, and contains anti-inflammatory properties. We’ve included turmeric in our Tear Support supplement for its role in supporting eye surface health. 

Other high-quality ingredients you can find in Viteyes Tear Support supplement include Vitamin B6, Vitamin E, gelatin and glycerin to create a softgel capsule, Beeswax, water, soybean oil, carob, and titanium dioxide.

For those who suffer from occasional dry eye, 2020 was a rougher year for them than most. Even people who had never before experienced occasional dry eyes, started to complain about itchy and irritated eyes after wearing protective face masks for COVID-19.  What do masks have to do with occasional dry eyes? When you breath out CO2, the masks cause it to be directed straight up into your eyes, causing your tears to evaporate. Therefore, your eyes may start feeling dry or irritated.

Ophthalmologists are warning against MADE — mask-associated dry eye — an emerging phenomenon set in motion by the coronavirus pandemic. Dry eye can cause blurred vision, redness, and eye irritation, which can be made worse by wearing facial coverings because it causes the exhaled air to flow over the surface of the eye, evaporating tear film. Face coverings continue to be extremely important to protect against COVID-19, however, specific nutrients can help to promote eye hydration to relieve occasional dry eye. For more information about mask use and irritated eyes, read our post on the subject here. If you suffer from occasional dry eye or have developed symptoms while wearing a mask, consider adding Viteyes Tear Support to your daily regimen. Shop online today!