7 Popular Uses For Flax Oil

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Flax oil is a plant-derived oil that comes from flax seeds. Flax oil is high in omega-3 fatty acids and is gaining popularity for many health reasons.

Below are 7 popular uses for flax oil.

1. Eye Health: Flax oil helps reduce dry eyes by increasing and locking moisture in the eye. It also can be used to help protect against vision problems associated with glare, light sensitivity and other eye related illnesses.

2. Joint Health: This powerful oil can help soothe achy joints by aiding in internally lubricating them. It also helps reduce inflammation.

3. Skin Health: It is said that flax oil can help fight fine lines and wrinkles, while also reducing overall puffiness.

4. Digestive Health: Since it is a natural anti-inflammatory, flax oil helps reduces inflammation in the gut, which leads to smoother digestive and more nutrient absorption.

5. Immune Health: Flax seeds and flax oil are packed with vitamins and phytonutrients that work to boost immune health.

6. Heart Health: Many say that the Omega-3s in flax oil have a positive impact on their heart health by its ability to lower high blood pressure.

7. Blood Sugar Control: Flax oil is used by many diabetics to help control blood sugar levels by improving the absorption of carbohydrates after a meal.

Flax oil can be found in some products like Viteyes Dry Eye , a specially formulated supplement to protect against dry eye. Depending on your health status and risk factors, supplements with a combination of flax oil with other beneficial ingredients may give even greater benefits. Ask your doctor which flax oil supplement would be right for you.