7 Tips for Keeping Younger Eyes Healthy

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Eye care should be something that starts at a young age. Children are exposed to screens at an age younger than ever before; on phones, iPads, computers at school, gaming systems, and television. 

By the end of the day, most kids are feeling significant eye strain, even though they’re really not aware of it. Knowing a few ways to keep their eyes healthy can keep the eye strain away and keep them focusing on the future. 

  1. Wear sunglasses – this is a year-round tip, not just for the summer months. Whether it is sunny out or just overcast, their eyes need protection from the sun. Make sure to select glasses that have a broad range of protection, not just the ones that look the most stylish. 
  2. Move screens. Have you ever noticed how closely kids move screens to their faces? Make sure the screens they are using are an arm’s length away from their eyes. 
  3. Limit time on screens. Taking breaks throughout the day away from screens can make a huge difference. Encourage more time playing traditional games and spending time outside.
  4. Use Viteyes Blue Light Defender Kids and Blue Light Defender Gummies. We know you can’t completely cut down on all of their screen time, but cutting the damage blue light from screens does to their eyes makes a huge impact. Adding one of our products to their daily routine will help eye health.
  5. Blink! Not blinking often enough can lead to dry and irritated eyes. As children spend more time on screens, they don’t blink as often as they should. It might sound silly, but reminding them to blink can help keep their eyes moisturized and less strained.
  6. Don’t give cheap or old makeup to play with. Most makeup and beauty products are not intended for younger children. Even though it might be fun to play dress-up with, it is a big cause of eye irritation and allergic reaction.
  7. Regular eye doctor appointments are essential. The eye doctor isn’t just for when there is trouble seeing. Taking your children to the eye doctor for a yearly checkup is a great way to check on eye health, and make sure their eyes are in healthy condition.

In addition to eye health, blue light exposure can also cause decreased attention span, poor behavior, increased headaches, and even trouble sleeping! Viteyes products offer complete protection from the front to the back of the eye, with Lutein and Zeaxanthin to naturally filter blue light. Plus AstaReal astaxanthin to combat tired eyes. It is something simple to add to your family’s daily routine that will make a big impact. 

With a few simple daily changes you can reduce the amount of damage to your family’s eyes and teach them the importance of eye health.