Encouraging Eye Nutrition in Kids and Teens: Part 2

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Welcome back to part two of this two-part series on how to encourage good eye nutrition in your kids and teens, including the pickiest ones! In part one, we discussed how to add in nuts, citrus fruits, eggs, and eye-healthy vegetables as well as the importance of hydration. Today, we tackle the tough stuff — beef, fish, and leafy greens. 

Mix the fish in your favorite dish.

Deep-sea fish is ripe with omega-3 fatty acids that help lubricate eyes and reduce the risk of developing cataracts and macular degeneration as your kids age. When you think of a deep-sea fish meal that includes tuna, halibut, salmon, or mackerel, you may envision a tasty fillet. Kids, teens, and other fish picky eaters may not jump on a meal where fish is the main ingredient. Instead, try some homemade fish sticks, tuna melt sandwiches for lunch, or swapping fish for chicken in your family’s favorite casserole. Salmon jerky or fish patties are delicious alternatives to their red meat counterparts and hardly register as fish on your dinner plate.  

Sneak in the leafy greens.

Even adults tend to struggle with fitting an adequate amount of leafy greens into their diets. While you may enjoy a nice kale salad for lunch, you’d be hard-pressed to get the rest of the family to dive in. Instead, mix lutein- and zeaxanthin-rich leafy greens into other family-favorites. Citrus and kale popsicles are delicious and refreshing; simply toss minced kale and your favorite chopped citrus fruits together with water, put in an ice cube tray, and freeze. Or, try mixing spinach into meatballs or scrambled eggs, and collard greens are great meat stuffers! Try a spinach and cheese stuffed chicken breast recipe or roll collard greens in a steak. 

Bribe ’em with lean beef.

Beef can be a lot easier to get your kids and teens to eat, especially when it comes in the form of burgers or meatballs. Use these family-favorites as an easy way to sneak in the leafy greens or pair them with some steamed vegetables and a berry mix on the side for a complete eye nutritious meal — not to mention heart-healthy and hormone stabilizing as well as low fat and guilt-free! Be sure to invest in lean beef options that contain increased levels of zinc that help deliver vitamin A to your kids’ retina and maintain retinal photoreceptors to prevent night blindness. 

Support healthy vision with eye vitamins.

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