Feel Good Heading Back-to-School With These Health and Wellness Essentials

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As quickly as it arrived, summer is drawing to a close! We’re excited to share a curated list of our favorite health and wellness picks for all age groups as they head #backtoschool!  

Viteyes® Blue Light Defender Kids 

In a digital era, with increased reliance on digital devices for education and entertainment, our children’s eyes are exposed to blue light now more than ever. Protecting your kids’ eyes can never begin too early! Viteyes® Blue Light Defender™ Kids contains the only natural defenses the eyes have to protect the macula from the harmful effects of blue light that stem from digital screens such as smartphones, tablets, televisions, computers, and even the sun. Plus, it helps defend against strained and tired eyes that can be caused by overexposure to blue light. In addition to eye health, blue light exposure can also cause decreased attention span, poor behavior, increased headache frequency, and even trouble sleeping! Available as a chocolate berry chew for ages 4+. Get 15% off Blue Light Defender Kids from now until 9/15/2022 with code BacktoSchool22.  

For those ages 12+, Viteyes also offers new and improved Blue Light Defender Gummies (berry flavored) with the addition of the super antioxidant Astareal Astaxanthin and Blue Light Defender+ in capsule form.  

Vitamin Health Basics Vitamin C 

Vitamin Health Basics Vitamin C contains 1000 mg of Vitamin C to support a strong immune system. This high potency Vitamin C supplement provides powerful antioxidant support to fight infections, immunity defense, promote energy levels, support wellness, promote youthful skin, and overall wellness. 

Demeter Fragrance Hand Sanitizers 

Demeter Fragrance Library spray sanitizer contains 80% Ethyl Alcohol – the maximum amount allowed by the FDA of the active ingredient that kills germs on contact. Also, their Ethyl Alcohol is the same gentle alcohol as they use in all or cologne products, so it is always gentle on your hands. Demeter Fragrance’s Hand Sanitizer also use the same high-quality fragrance oils that they use for their other fragrance products. Demeter Fragrance Hand Sanitizers are currently available in Baby Powder, Champagne Brut, Clean Skin, Jasmine, Kitten Fur, Lavender, Mountain Air, New Baby, Pixie Dust, Puppy’s Breath, Pure Soap, Rain, Sunshine, Thunderstorm, Wintergreen, and unscented.  

Crystal Jewelry 

The patent-pending mindful breathing jewelry is handmade with love and care. Each piece is handcrafted from a beautiful piece of natural crystal, which is carefully worked to create a unique interior channel which helps regulate the flow of your breath. The crystals are then beautifully polished and attached to a stainless steel clasp. The finished piece is then paired with a gorgeous matching necklace. The result is fashionable jewelry of exceptional quality that can last a lifetime. A perfect addition to any tween or teen school outfit!  

VASCHY Lunch Box Bag 

The VASCHY lunch bag has a cute pattern and a sturdy cooler bag. The cute patterned lunch bag captures the child’s imagination and fashion spirit and inspires the child’s opportunity to realize his dream. The cooler bag has a hot and cold storage room to better guarantee your food. All of the VASCHY lunch bags feature durable, machine-washable, high-quality zippers. The flat bottom keeps the bento box and water bottle upright. You could hold the lunch bag in your hand or tilt it. Vaschy’s lunch bag is suitable for various occasions, such as school, work, outdoor picnics, travel, and mountain climbing, etc. 

Backpack Charms 

Add a touch of personality to their backpack, mobile phones, wallets, handbags, backpacks, cars or other objects you want to decorate with these charms! Perfect for back-to-schoolers at just about any age. 

SIDIZ Ringo Kids’ Desk Chair 

Unlike other kid’s chairs, RINGO was specifically built to encourage proper sitting posture, including adjustable height and seat functions, footrests for extra support, plus replaceable seat and backrest pads for worry-free use. The back has 4 adjustable levels to give your child a narrower or wider space for comfortable seating.  

oVertone Custom Hair Color Kits 

A conditioner that can color your hair? Check! oVertone is known for their semi-permanent, pigmented conditioners. Vegan and cruelty-free, oVertone products do not contain ammonia, bleach, or developers, so while they add color to your blonde or brown strands, they won’t lift or lighten — just enhance and reinvigorate! They offer solutions for easily achieving and maintaining your favorite hair colors – right from your shower in less than 15 minutes! OVertone pigmented conditioners can be used by clients of all ages! Kid’s hair is typically super healthy and therefore can be resistant to pigment, so if you’re looking to color your child’s hair, they recommend grabbing their more pigmented Extreme and “For Brown Hair” shades! 

Whether your student is heading back to the classroom, going to college, or learning virtually, we hope that our curated list of ideas will inspire you and your student to keep health and wellness (and fun) in mind all year long!