Finding the Support to Manage Your Low Vision – Part 2

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Welcome back! In this post, we will continue our discussion of available resources for those who suffer from low vision. If you haven’t done so already, we encourage you to read part one, where we discussed what low vision is and how it impacts the lives of those who suffer from the condition. We offered some helpful suggestions about how to continue reading and writing despite visual limitations. Today, we will continue, by offering some other resources to help you live your best life in spite of degenerative eye disease. 

Resources For Those With Low Vision

Prior to the 21st century, those with limitations of any kind were at a severe disadvantage. Today, however, there are a plethora of resources and tools to accommodate nearly every need. No longer do those who suffer from degenerative diseases have to give up the things they love in order to cope with their condition. Even if you suffer from low vision, you can continue to participate in your hobbies and keep up with the technological advances of our time. 

Adaptive Daily Living Equipment

Adaptive daily living equipment are the modified tools that allow those with low vision to continue with their daily chores, hobbies, and activities. Equipment aimed at helping the visually impaired includes large number clocks, black and white cutting boards, talking calculators, bold-lined writing paper, Braille keyboards, and more! Electronic magnifiers allow people to continue sewing, watching television, and even assemble model cars. Where there is a will, there is a way! Vision Aware™ has assembled a comprehensive list of adaptive equipment suppliers and there are a variety of online retailers who sell specialty equipment. 

Seeing Eye Dogs

For those with low vision, seeing-eye dogs are also an option for boosting self-confidence and enhancing independence. The Seeing Eye® is an organization dedicated to breeding, raising, and training seeing-eye dogs to help guide blind people and support their owners. These furry companions also function as loyal friends and family members who can help reduce the feelings of social isolation and encourage loving relationships. 

Support Groups

Low vision and vision impairment can lead to social isolation. To help prevent this and offer a community of support for those who suffer from low vision as well as their friends and family who want to help, there are more than 120 support groups nationwide. In-person and online support groups offer a community of others who understand your condition and may have more experience coping with the degenerative changes. Support groups are a great place to learn that you are not alone and to find resources and ideas to help you live a happier life. Ears For Eyes offers an online directory of low vision support groups available. 

Eye Health Supplements

It is never too late to offer your eyes the nutrition and support they need. Whether your low vision is reversible or not, eye vitamins can help support and maintain eye health. At Viteyes®, we offer a variety of eye vitamins to optimize eye nutrition and eye health. Whatever your eye care needs are, we can help! Visit our online eye supplement shop to discover your options and learn more about our unique mix of products to support eye health.