Is it Dry Eye or Seasonal Allergies?

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The differences between both eye discomforts

The bone-chilling days of winter are behind us and spring is in bloom.

This season brings fresh flowers, green grass and the not so exciting seasonal springtime allergies. For some, more plants in bloom mean more allergens swirling into the air. Are you noticing a change in your eyes this spring? Is it dry eye or allergies? Here’s how to tell the difference:

Seasonal Allergies: Dry Eye:
Itchy eyes Painful, scratchy eyes
Redness Redness may or may not be present
Puffiness Stinging and burning sensation
Leaking and watery eyes Feeling of chronic dryness
Accompanied by sinus problems Accompanied by light sensitivity or blurred vision
The two may be easy to confuse, but these main differences may make it easier to point out what is causing your eye discomfort. Talk to your eye doctor about any changes with your eyes. If you have dry eye symptoms, your doctor may be able to recommend a dry eye supplement.