Is Your Eye Health Affecting Your Golf Game?

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More and more, golf is being accepted as a young man’s game. Is this because the younger generations have come to accept the love of the sport, or is it because the aging man’s eyesight has thwarted the ability to enjoy the game long into retirement? It’s important to note that a decline in vision and worsening eye health is not a normal part of aging. Conditions including macular degeneration and vision loss are more common as we age, as we’ve had a lifetime of being exposed to harmful light and the potential for damage both on and off the green, your most valuable piece of equipment is your vision. 

When your golf game seems “off” you may chalk it up to needing more practice or a bad day. But have you ever considered whether your eyesight is affecting your game? Join us as we explore some things to consider to improve your game and your eye health. 

Keeping an Eye on the Ball

A good golfer has to have keen eyesight to make the tiny golf ball go the distance. Some vision factors that influence your game include: 

Depth perception allows a golfer to judge far distances and calculate the right iron, swing, and force to make par.

Eye dominance is important concerning your alignment on the green and with the ball and makes all the difference in where the ball lands in relation to the intended target. 

Hand-eye coordination is arguably one of the most important skills any golfer can possess. As an extension of your arms, the way you use your clubs makes or breaks the game, and your vision is the key to landing the right swing. 

Contrast sensitivity allows you to determine the state of the green such as moisture, slope, distance, and any obstacles. Any decline in contrast sensitivity may make the course seem muddled and greatly affect your swing. 

Glare recovery is what our eyes do naturally when the light changes. The bright sunshine, especially when reflected off of water or sand, causes glare issues, as does looking to the sky to trace the trajectory of your ball. Slowed glare recovery is a significant source of eye fatigue and strain. Squinting and dry eyes further serve to worsen the situation. 

Eye Support For Optimal Performance

If you ever wondered what the correlation between a nutrient-rich diet and your golf game was, the answer is vision support. As we’ve reviewed above, the various features of your vision all combine to make your golf game possible. To help strengthen and support your eyes and vision, providing your eyes with the right nutrients is crucial. Be sure to get enough zeaxanthin and lutein for optimal vision performance and eye health. Lutein is accepted as a natural sunglass that helps to filter harmful light from the macula, helping to reduce macular damage and your risk for macular degeneration.  

Viteyes® offers the Blue Light Defender™ series as an eye support supplement you can take daily. Our easy to take eye vitamin, combined with eye protection such as hats, visors, and sunglasses can have a dramatic effect on your game as well as help extend the years you’re on the course. Improve your eye health to improve your golf game, shop our entire line of eye health supplements online today.