Men’s vs. Women’s Vitamins

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As we age, it is true that our bodies cannot nutritionally support its self the way it once did.

Certain vitamins levels are decreasing each year as our bodies stop producing and absorbing key nutrients. It is also true that men and women have different nutritional needs.

Hormones and our physical differences are the main reasons we require specific and unique supplemental needs. The biggest difference you will notice in men and women’s vitamins are the increased iron and calcium in women’s supplements due to the increased need women have for them both.

Some supplements, like AREDS2 based supplements, are universal, meaning that they have the same effect on both men and women. The nutrients in an AREDS2, like Viteyes, specifically target eye health and do not differ between men and women. There are also other supplements, such as Omega-3, where men and women are both equally deficient. Talk with your doctor to see if taking a specific or generalized vitamin is right for you.