Super Herb Spotlight: Ginko Biloba

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The Ancient Herb That Does it All

Ginkgo Biloba – Have you heard of it? If you think you haven’t heard it, you may very have already consumed it without even knowing it.

What is Ginko Biloba? Ginko Biloba is an ancient plant extract that comes from the Ginko tree and is included in many of today’s most popular nutritional supplements, including Viteyes® Complete.

Why it is considered so powerful is due to its natural terpenoids and flavonoids, which protect our eyes from harmful free radicals. Ginko Biloba has been shown to maintain eye health and help fight against major eye disease, as it is said to help maintain healthy blood circulation and promote healthy vein tissue.

This plant extract is also popular for boosting brain performance, memory and energy. Though Ginko Biloba is used by all ages, it appears to be the most heavily by adults ages 55 and up for the above stated health benefits.

Where can you find Ginko Biloba? Ginko Biloba is most commonly found in nutritional and herbal supplements. If you’d like to see if Ginko Biloba is right for you, check with your doctor.